Pop Rocket

Pop Rocket is a high-octane weekly discussion of the culture we all love to love. Join host Guy Branum and panelists Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson and Margaret Wappler for smart, funny, sometimes sweary chat about everything great in entertainment.



Velvety, spicy, enjoyable. This podcast consistently furnishes my pump-up playlist with its weekly parade of jams, and simultaneously allows me the edifying and vaguely smug illusion that I have a window on the sparkly and smart world of west coast pop culture heroes.

— Ph33bs

A truly smart, funny, humane, and engaging take on the pop culture landscape. And the only podcast brave enough to recommend Michael McDonald'€™s Sweet Freedom without shame or irony. I bless and curse them simultaneously.

— Paulcdec

I seriously wouldn't be able to get through my week without y'all. As a drag queen y'all keep me updated on the world so I can make my performances more topical and help to point me toward literature that is worth my time (cause I'm an EXTREMELY) slow reader. Thank you thank you thank you for your wit and how much you care about the world around us.

— shurtugal90

From Karen Tongsons generally sultry greeting all the way to Guy's musical theatre jams, this show keeps it smart and quick from top to bottom. 10 of 10!

— Gaydog69

Pop Rocket